Symptoms of Black Magic and Identification of Black Magic

Symptoms of Black Magic

Today I  will tell you everyone’s Identification of Black magic. This identification is in my knowledge. Now I am telling you about different black magic. Well, every black magic, dirty magic, vicious knowledge, emotional knowledge, knowledge about problems, all these have different identification. In addition to this I will write about magic detail in minor to huge because after reading detail  every person know that he/she is in victim of magic or not, I observed in many cases that most victims are like that, that I observed in all cases, that I will share with all of you.

Symptoms of Black Magic and Identification of Black Magic. See excrement in a dream, mostly human excrement see in a dream, and also see Urine in the dream of a human. Or see yourself in the bathroom. Or sometimes see excrement and urine on your body or clothes. Overall means human sees dirt in dreams.


  • A headache or a tissue Headache, sometimes this panic attack comes in the head and some time half a headache some it moves to the brain and sometimes it moves to eyes and sometimes it holds the brain.
  • Sometimes the whole body feel pains and sometimes half body part feels pain. Sometimes it moves to some body parts that feel pain and sometimes legs have pains and sometimes panic attack in Livers and sometimes pain feels in the shoulder, wrist, and fingers, and sometimes pain attack in chest and back.
  • Higher demand for sex and ideas comes about in our brains. Wishes increase to do sex more and more, again and again, private part of body comes in mind for sex. Increase the wish of sex from the inside body.
  • Pain in the waist. Sometimes feel our waist holds strongly. Or feels pain in the waist. Sometimes feeling like a waste is fierce. Sometimes feels there are strong panic attack rises.
  • Pain in livers.
  • Pudding
  • Fire feels in the body
  • Warm air comes out from nose and mouth
  • Eyes feel warm
  • Urine and execration to get out again and again
  • Heartbeats sharply
  • Low breath and chest pain
  • Feels crushed
  • Face blacks, If magic is to strong face will more black
  • Pain in stomach and stomach disturbed
  • Pimples come on face
  • The face will de shape
  • Heart feels not well

Do you have a black magic symptom

  • Feeling uncomfortable
  • Do not be happy despite everything
  • Eats food are missing and feels hungry, eat food again and again
  • Stay away from prayer, disconnect from Allah. This is the attack of Evils.
  • The sound remains bad
  • Fear in dreams, Awesome odd fear dreaming, see a lizard, snake, spider in dreams
  • Feels strange fear in the heart
  • Needle sucks in stomach
  • Feels pain in stomach and nausea
  • The brain doesn’t work properly and memory weak, Forget something to where keep it, Getting messed up in money transactions
  • Hate our self
  • In front of an eye see blue or pink color or see different types of lines.
  • Feels more fatigue without any reason.
  • Recite Or the Listening the Holy QURAN feels pain in the body.
  • In chest feels burn and acidity
  • Discharge again and again
  • Veins of body stressed
  • Hand and foot feels numb
  • Pimples come on head
  • Smells in urine
  • Very smell in Execration
  • Feels body cool
  • Pain in foot
  • See Dog, Dead body, and Scorpion in a dream
  • Shrinks day by day
  • Medicine gives no benefits, or some time in starting medicine gives benefits and after some time it gives doesn’t, and sometimes medicine harms.
  • See Rape in a dream or see sex between girl and boy or see nude both in a dream.
  • On body blue color displays.
  • Body fats, head increase, sometimes shoulder increases.
  • Body feels weakness without any reason.
  • Feeling dizzy and sometimes blindness in front of the eye,
  • Red color pimples come out on the body.
  • If listening the Azaan feels stressed and feels anger/Hate to Azaan.
  • Dirty and smelly water comes in the mouth, it feels during eating foods.
  • Sneezing and flue too much, and sometimes during sneezing feels very bad smell like rotten flue type smell.


  • Hurry up every task, Be quick to try any work, for example, For example, do not wait for a shop to get the goods, Just get goods quickly and do not have to wait. and feels stress in the body cannot wait for little it.
  • In dream see black buffalo or the buffalo is taking place in the dirty drain.
  • See black shade up on the eye means on head feels fan rotating. Like helicopter rotates. or it clearly shows when victim se earth and shades rotate on earth.
  • A bug cuts the body but when consider nothing to happen.

Symptoms of Black Magic and Identification of Black Magic.

The identification of Magic is that same as the magic happens. But that sign also considers that I write up above. But It depends on magician that what kind of harm he wants to give a human. For example, Moreover, if he tries to destroy the respect of a girl that he doesn’t live in the society.

 Identification of Black Magic.

And also want to destroy the respect of her parents they don’t live in society.  In addition to this, he will improve her sex power and control her mind through his magic. He will make that girl mind to sex and make her heart to do sex.  Basically, he will do warm her body for sex. after that he will destroy her mind power, she will not make difference good and bad, he will make stay away from her from QURAN and prayer because through Prayer and Quran Magic can cut away from human. That is the magic of sex, this magic is done because of jealousy.


Generally this magic is used to make a girl like a whore through this type of magic girl minds never understand. Moreover, her minds only understand sex, she always thinks about sex a male part of sex, and she doesn’t understand what is going on with her. her sexual power increases through magic if she tries to fight against this bad habits but this habit never goes easily, her hearth also improves her sex power after that she committed sex with anyone because overall this happens to her through magic.

But all the people said magic doesn’t destroy through QURAN E PAK, but this is wrong if magic doesn’t destroy from anyone so it has a valid reason.  Basically, this is not necessary that magic can destroy from 4 QUL. Moreover like a doctor gives different medicine to a different disease. The doctor doesn’t give pain killer to every disease so like that 1st observe the condition of magic then magic will destroy from SURAH. Every SURAH has different benefits, but this is not necessary to destroy magic from 4 QUL.


1: sometimes bad smells and sometimes pleasant smells come. The bad smell mostly comes and pleasant smells are less. Mostly garbage sewage type smell comes.

2: sometimes feels bugs cuts or sometimes feels someone ding to our body or someone cut our body.

3: bad smell comes to body, and also bad smell comes to sweat. Mood disturbs and feels stressed.

4: feels fever in the body, when checked through thermometer nothing happen to us.

5: sometimes fluid comes in our eyes. sometimes eyes crossing, and specially inverted eye in this case eye mostly crossed.

6: feel lazy in the work, heart said go away to work, and avoid to do work.

7: sometimes hate with our self, sometimes get anger on our self. Abuse our self.

8: without any reason get angry. Without any reason fight with house people or outside people.

9: feel fare when sleeping, or feel fare when alone. Feel pain in the body, feel tiredness in the body. Symptoms of Black Magic and Identification of Black Magic.

And feel weakness in the body.

10: when urine pass feels some drop down. Mostly this happens mostly when a person makes wadhu for prayer and stands for Prayer and then suddenly urine drops down.

11: feel swelling on the mouth or feel swell on onside of mouth.

12: stomach problems and execration come again and again. Moreover, sometimes fluid type execration comes and no-doze effects for it.


13: feel jealousy like others and do hate with others inner in your body.
14: sometimes execration comes in black color

15: our bally fills with gas and remains tight.

16: feels pain in the heart. Feels load in the heart.

17: without any reason feels the tension, worry and depressed

18: sometimes feels awkward and vomiting situation, and sometimes really vomiting comes.

19: lost weight and day by day body shrinks,

20: in body feels pain with a tremble and sometimes feel the tremble of legs and hands, and vibrate the whole body.

21: feels comes about despair. Sometimes doing something and feel before despair even that feel despair in case of Religion and world.

22: cry on your luck or cry without reason.

23: sometimes feel urine or execration smell or wastage smell

24: feels that on head and waist has something attached and feel pain with weight.

What magic bothers to be

27: sometimes feels both of ear or single ear closed. Or listen to horn in the ear for a long time. Symptoms of Black Magic and Identification of Black Magic.

28: feel burn of hand and foot.

29: disobedient of a child, they directly avoid doing work.

30: feel darkness in the house.

31: health disturb, again and again, feels strange

32: during sleeping mind rises, thinking not well, different thinking comes, when eyes close no sleep condition yet. Symptoms of Black Magic and Identification of Black Magic.

33: always fear in minds. Not brave. Even no braveness comes in mind.


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