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Seeking Well and Goodness

Istikhaara means seeking a good deal and wishes in any case, In order to approach Allah Almighty in His daily work, and seeking good, good wishes and guidance from Allah. Understanding the Istikhaara process to get news from it is a very misconception that led to many misunderstandings, which is clearly mentioned in detail. The Istikhaarat is an obligation, whose method and prayer are mentioned in the Hadith from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “We have taught the Istikhaara from The Prophet, Consider the words of the hadeeth, Jabir ibn Abdullah, RizayahAllah Said, “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) Said that:

ذا ھم احدکم بالامر فلیرکع رکعتین من غیر الفریضة (بخاری)

Translation: When one of you intends to do any work, then it should be said that the two rakahs should be recited rather than the prayer.

 ISTIKHAARA In The Light Of Hadith e Prophet

  • On the authority of Jabir ibn ‘Abd al-Lu’i, may God be pleased with him, he said: “The Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) used to teach us about Istikharah in all matters, as a surah from the Qur’aan (Tirmidhi).

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Translation: Hazrat Jabir ibn Abdullah (R) said: The Messenger of Allah (peace Be Upon Him) to teach the companions in all matters, such as teaching the Surah Surat.

 Don’t Offer Istikhaara is  bad luck and Deprive.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said in a Hadith:

۲-من شقوة ابن آدم ترکہ استخارة اللّٰہ (مجمع الاسانید )

It is not good to leave doing istikhaar from Allah and it is a bad luck and deprive for human.

In a Hadith, Hazrat Saad bin waqas (R.A) said. The Prophet (peace be upon him) Said that

۳- عن سعد بن وقاص عن النبی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم قال: من سعادة ابن ادم استخارتہ من اللہ و من شقاوتہ ترک الاستخارة و من سعادة ابن اٰدم رضاہ بما قضاہ اللہ ومن شقوة ابن اٰدم سخطہ بما قضی اللہ․(مشکوة)

Translation: It is a blessing of man and good luck, that he performs istikhaara in his deeds, and bad luck is to leave the istikhaara, and the happiness of man is in all that he pleases and obeys Allah’s decisions. And bad luck is That he should express anger on God’s judgment.

The offering of istikhaara’s person will not fail

The Prophet(peace be upon him) has said in a hadith,

۴- ما خاب من استخار وما ندم من استشار (طبرانی)

The person who perform istikhaara will never fail, and whoever does advise in his work will never have to face embarrassment or repentance that why did I do this? Or why did not I do this? What? Because the work done after consultation and if not, you did not do it after consultation, that’s why it would not be embarrassed.

In this Hadith, who said that there will be no failure to the Istikhaara person, meaning that the Istikhaara person will surely succeed, even if there is a chance in his heart to think that it was not good. But, despite the idea , the success will be the same person who keeps informing Allah Almighty, so that the person who works after consulting will never repay, because God forbids, if the work has become worse. The heart will be convinced that I did not do this thing myself, but I did not do it, but after consulting my friends and elders. Was, now referred to as the Almighty decision the like. . Therefore, the Prophet (peace be upon him) advised two things that whenever there is a problem in any work, do two things, an istikhaara and other suggestion.


Al-Mahsud al-Hazrat Hazrat Maulana Syed Mohammad Yousuf Baniori writes:

Keep yourself aware of the knowledge of the Almighty and the Power… after doing istikhaara a person free from his responsibility. It is obvious that if a person goes to consult with an experienced person and a gentleman, then he gives the correct advice. And also supports it according to its abilities.if istikhaara has done? Get suggestion from Allah almighty, Submit your application in the form of Istikhaara, Who is better than the Almighty? His deeds are best, knowledge is perfect, and power is most complete, now the situation will be useful for human being, the Almighty will give him respite. He will guide him, then not to think about it, nor is the dream to look into the dream, who will be well pleased with him, whether he or she does not know what good, his satisfaction is currently attainable. Yes, the one who wants to be good, it is the desire of the person to be prepared, for this reason, for all thend of life , this method has been left behind. ”

  The Strategy of Istikhaara

Shah Waliullah Dehlawi describes two interpretation verses in his city’s holy book “Hajjullah al-Baghghi”:

1: freedom and degnity from extracting augury

The first wisdom was that during the time uneducated was in a way that when someone had to do something important, such as traveling or marriage or a big deal, he used to portend arrows, These arrows lived near Kaaba’s old person, one of them arrow was written on “Amari Rabi” (My Lord has ordered me), and one of them arrow was written nihani rabi(my lord order stopped me). And someone arrow was not written. The mujjur shake and shouted to the one who asks a person to put an arrow out with his hand, if the “Amrani Rabi” (the order of the lord) came out, that person would work and “Nani Rabi(stop to work)” So he stops from work, and the arrow comes in hand that was not written, then again it will be flown. from Surah Almaida ayat no 3, his ginity was given, this dignity has two reason

1- It is a non-functioning process, and there is only a chance, whenever the hand is put in the bag, some arrow will come to hand.

  • It is permissible for a person to take away the fault, such as defamation and liar blame on Allah, and where is Allah ordered and forbidden? And this is forbidden on Allah.

Prophet teach people istikhaara on augury, In this wisdom is that when the Lord pleases the guidance of Al-Mummah, he is keen to know his will by giving his case to his beloved, and he is going to the door of Allah Almighty and his heart It is not permissible that Allaah Almighty guide the guidance and help of his servant, the fatwa of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is open and open the secret of the matter, because the Istikhaara is not merely a consensus, but its strong Is the foundation.

   Compatible with Angels

Second wisdom is that the biggest advantage of istikhaara is that man becomes a angelic, the Istikhaara goes out of his own personal opinion and submits his will to God’s will.His loyalty begins to be attributed to property (angelic apparatus) and if he turns his face completely towards Allah, then it produces a smell of angels. When the angels manage to understand Rabbani and when they are inclined, they spend their best efforts in this matter with the Almighty, they do not have any dignity, as well as the person who has been performing istikhaara, gradually Becomes like angels. Hazrat Shah (may Allaah be pleased him) said: “This is an arrow of a person like a angel, which is a compulsory version of what he wants. (حجةاللہ البالغة).

  The right way and Significance of Istikhaara

The right, straight and easy way of istikhaara is in day, night (but condition is there is no black time), aim to offer two rakah nafil. Aim like that there is problem in front of me. And what the right way is better for me, GOD bleesed me that way. After say SALAM recite istikhaara Dua that was said By Our Prophet (PBUH). This is strange Prey. This prey can only recite The greatest prophet (PBUH) nad no one can recite this pery. But this Prey Prophet(PBUH) never miss in his whole life. If any person try their best to recite this prey then after he never get success. If any one doesn’t learn this prey they can recite to see in book . if they cannot recite in arbi then they can recite in urdu. The whole word of prey is necessary, that is words of prey,

During recite the prey when reach on haza ul amar(that is underline) so if know arbic then that place say hazul safar or anything intead of haz ul amar .if anyone doesnot know about Arabic then say haza ul amar in heart and think and concentrate on your problem for you perform istikhaara.


اَللّٰہُمَّ اِنْ کُنْتَ تَعْلَمُ أَنَّ ہٰذَا الْأَمْرَ خَیْرٌ اَللّٰہُمَّ اِنِّیْ أَسْتَخِیْرُکَ بِعِلْمِکَ ، وَ أَسْتَقْدِرُکَ بِقُدْرَتِکَ، وَ أَسْأَلُکَ مِنْ فَضْلِکَ الْعَظِیْمِ ، فَاِنَّکَ تَقْدِرُ وَ لاَ أَقْدِرُ، وَ تَعْلَمُ وَلاَ أَعْلَمُ ، وَ أَنْتَ عَلاَّمُ الْغُیُوْبِ ․

لِّیْ فِیْ دِیْنِیْ وَ مَعَاشِیْ وَ عَاقِبَةِ أَمْرِیْ وَ عَاجِلِہ وَ اٰجِلِہ ، فَاقْدِرْہُ لِیْ ، وَ یَسِّرْہُ لِیْ ، ثُمَّ بَارِکْ لِیْ فِیْہِ ․

وَ اِنْ کُنْتَ تَعْلَمُ أَنَّ ھٰذَا الْأَمْرَ شَرٌ لِّیْ فِیْ دِیْنِیْ وَمَعَاشِیْ وَ عَاقِبَةِ أَمْرِیْ وَ عَاجِلِہ وَ اٰجِلِہ ، فَاصْرِفْہُ عَنِّیْ وَاصْرِفْنِیْ عَنْہُ ، وَاقْدِرْ لِیَ الْخَیْرَ حَیْثُ کَانَ ثُمَّ اَرْضِنِیْ بِہ․(بخاری،ترمذی)


O Allah, I consult You as You are All-Knowing and I appeal to You to give me power as You are Omnipotent, I ask You for Your great favor, for You have power and I do not, and You know all of the hidden matters .O Allah ! If you know that this matter (then the person reciting the du’a should mention the matter for which he is seeking Allah’s Guidance) is good for me in my religion, my livelihood, and for my life in the Hereafter, (or he said: ‘for my present and future life,’) then make it (easy) for me. And if you know that this matter is not good for me in my religion, my livelihood and my life in the Hereafter, (or he said: ‘for my present and future life,’) then keep it away from me and take me away from it and choose what is good for me wherever it is and please me with it.

O Allah! If you know that this is the case (to attract the idea of this matter for which the person is hiring), it is better for me, is better for my religion, better than my salary and world. It is better than a performer and also with my immediate benefit and long lasting benefits, please make it clear to me and make it easy for me and give me blessings in it.

And if you know that it is bad for me to think about this matter (for which I am thinking about this matter) bad, it is bad for my religion or right to my world and the Economic. I am bad or my work is bad, it is not better than immediate profit and long-term profit, then turns away from this work from me and turn away from it, and give me good luck, wherever you are. If this matter is not good for me then leaves it and gives me the work which is better for me, then please me and then and satisfy it. Moving the same. (Correct sermons)


 How Much Time Istikhaara Performs

Hazrat Anas Rizayah Allah says in a tradition that the Prophet (PBUH) said to me, Anas! When you intend to do something, inform it about Allah seven times, then after that, see what is put in your heart, as a result of intelligence, resulting from the truth It is better for you to do what is right. (Exclamation Right)

It is better that the  Istikhaara should  be carried out with continually for three to seven days, if the suspension and suspicion remains thereafter, the Istikhaara should continues .unless one does not take any action against it, But it is important to understand that there is no time specified for the Istikhaara. Hazrat Umar (RA), who had performed istikhaara for one month, If you were not got your answer, then Hazrat Umar(R.A) continued Istikhaara. (رحمة الله الواسعة)

Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi said:

“The meaning of worshiping means that Allah will bless you and do not repentance and this no consulting. Because advice is from friends, the Istikhaara is a Sunnah , its prayer is famous, after reading it creates a trend in the heart within seven days, And this is not a hearty connection, or it is not a tremendous tragedy that it will have to do so, And this is nothing, that’s something, some people have set up operations, they are all wrong, on the right or left to the neck is wrong. Yes,  others  do istikhaara are not sin, but the words of this prayer are to be done themselves.

“(Majlis Mufti Azam)

  •          The result of Istikhaara and acceptance,
  •          How can we get guidness from istikhaara

Hakim al-Ma’minah, Hazrat Thani said, “It is only the effect of recruitment that the work which is better to do or is it? Or is it better to do it or not?” There is two benefits of the employer’s work.

1-Be satisfied with once condition come in heart.

2-And the benefits getting something about expediency

However, it is not necessary to come in dream. (Reform revolutionary nation)

It is an indication of istikhaara to get his achievement. After that, it should be done on the basis of execution, if there is no satisfaction on the one side and one on the other side so do istikhaara with stability, In this case, take advice from anyone, but it is not necessary for the ISTIKHAARA to be done. (Al-Kalam Al-Hasan)

Some gentlemen say that after performing istikhaara, the tendency of man’s heart becomes one side,The only way it gets trend is to work, and it is a very tricky trend, But if the trend is not on one side, but there is a conflict in the heart, then tha purpose of istikhaara is also achieved. Because, after doing the istikhaara, Allah does the same, which is better in favor of it, then the conditions arise like this, and then it is the one which is good for the person and he does not know before it. Sometimes, a person is considered to be a great way, but there are sudden obstacles, and Allah turns him away from this person. So, after istikhaara Allah has revealed, the means produce such that it is the one which is good for the person, what is now? Man does not know but Allah decides for him.

The fact that the istikhaara are so truthful that two rak’ahs read nafal and pray, then next will do it better, happy if, well done! Well, if not! The heart is attracted the way and believe in which it is better for me, And if the attention of the heart was removed or not created, or was there, but ended up after the istikhaarat, it could not work, but kept it firm, believe in Allah that it would better for me me. If your health allow you, but your GOD knows better than you of your good and bad result. if you think like that you will get satisfaction, If the tendency of the heart is not on any side, the decision which will be done against only the reasons will be well, it will be good if God forbids any harm after the istikhaara, so that the blessing of Allah is that small harm Avoid and save you from any major damage. Religion is mentioned  first in the istikhaara prayer and world is 2nd, because the true purpose of the Muslim is religion, The world is subject to religion.

                                   Harm effects after performing istikhaara than?

عن مکحول الازدی رحمہ اللہ تعالی قال : سمعت ابن عمر رضی اللہ تعالی عنہ یقول: ان الرجل یستخیر اللہ تبارک وتعالی فیختار لہ، فیسخط علی ربہ عز وجل، فلا یلبث ان ینظر فی العاقبة فاذا ہو خیر لہ․ (کتاب الزہد)


It is narrated from Makl al-Azdi that I heard this narration of Abdullah bin Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him), that sometimes a person do istikhaara to ask  Allaah that the work which is good for me will be done. For that, they have the option to work better than that. But, apparently, that work does not understand that person, then the person is angry with his Lord that I had told Allah that he should find a good work for me. But I do not feel good for what I get, it hurts and troubles for me, but after a short period of time comes to know, then it shows that in fact, what Allah has decided for me It was better for me, he did not know at this time and it was understood that I was abused and oppressed, The truth is that the correctness of Allah’s judgment is sometimes displayed in the world and will appear in the Hereafter sometimes. Now when he works, then apparently it seems that sometimes the work is not good, it is not according to the heart. So, person complaint to Allah, or Allah! I hired you but the work was done that is against my will and nature, and apparently this work is not good. Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar said, “O unbeliefer ! Your limited understanding is thinking that this work is not better in your favor, but this has done is better for you, Sometimes in the world you will find out what was better for you and sometimes it will never be known in the whole life, when it comes to the Hereafter, then you will come to know that it was better for me. Understand his example as if there is a child who has been in forcing of his parents, that everything will lose and parents know that at this time food is harmful and deadly. So parents do not give them anything to the child, now the child understands that my parents have wronged me, I did not give up what I was asking for, and instead of burying me bitter medicine. Now that child does not understand this medicine in favor of her, but after becoming bigger, when Allah will give this child wisdom and understanding and understand it, then he will know that my parents was demanding and my parents were searching for life and health for me. Allah Almighty is more merciful than his parents on his servants, therefore Allah permits the path that is better for a person, now it is better to know sometimes in the world and sometimes the world I do not know. How can this weak man understand the decisions of Allah through his limited understanding, he knows what is better for which servant? The person seems to be angry with God only by looking at a few things, and it seems bad about the decisions of Allah, but the fact is that no one can decide better than Allah, who knows what and when is better. Therefore, in this Hadith, Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar said, “When you are able to inform a person, then be satisfied with that, now, whatever decision will be taken by Allah, you will decide, You do not look good at that decision, but by the end it will be better, and then you will know about  you in the world. Otherwise, going to the next world, it will surely be known that the decision that Allah had done was better in my favor. (Corrective sermons)

                         Some Misunderstanding & Mistakes about Istikhaara

Mufti Rasheed Ahmed said:

“Now see how easy it is (istikhaara), but evil has made many puzzles too:

  1. The first step is to read two rak’ahs and go without talking to anyone, sleeping is necessary; otherwise the istikhaara will be unprofitable.
  2.  The second patch is that sleep also on the right side.
  3. Third, your side should be in The tribe.
  4. The fourth step is that after the slept, wait for the dream, the dream will appear during the istikhaara.
  5. The fifth step asserted that if there are a lot of colors in the dream, then that work is better, it looks better.
  6. The sixth step asserted that some elders will come in this dream, wait for the elder to come and tell everything, but the thing to think is that who will be elder? If the devil becomes a elder? How do you know if this is evil or any elder?
  7. Remember that one of these things is not proven by the Hadith, but those writers have written in the books without research, God bless the writers who write them. ” (Sermon-ul-Rashid)

                             1:  Istikhaara is not necessary for Important Task

Most people believe that istikhaara is only in the work that is very important or important, and where there are two ways in front of the person or in which the person should be punished in such tasks, so that people should be present today Alasas is the only one who has a lot of time to spend on his life. For example, for a marriage or for business, it is easy to say, because we are seeking good and good blessings from God, and in the rest of our life we ​​are unaware of the good wishes of God, Understand it very well that istikhaara is not only important and important, but in every work, whether or not it is small or large, seek good and good advice from Allah, in the same way, it is not necessary that this work is necessary. If you have any task that is big or small or even anything you can do idtikhaara.

کان رسول اللہ صلى الله عليه وسلم یعلمنا الاستخارة فی الامور کلھا․(بخاری)

The Prophet (PBUH) taught the companions to seek good news from Allah, in every work.

                2: NO time limit fixed for Istikhaara

The people understand that theistikhaara should always be done during the night asleep or after the ‘Ashya prayers’, it is not necessary, but whenever there is opportunity to do istikhaara, neither is there any night in condition or no day There is no condition, no sleeping condition, and there is no condition to wake up, because there is no condition for arise, just one condition is that for offer nafal the time is not dark.

3:There is not necessary of dream after istikhaara

There is lot of misunderstanding found between peoples, normally people understands that for doing istikhaara there is specific method. After that a dream come,and there is some instruction give in dream, do that work or not.but clearly understand ) there is no task , but The best method taught by our Prophet(PBUH) is proved.some people understand after doing istikhaara an angel come from  sky or there is some message come to sky, that will tell us in dream do that work or not. But remember that there is not necessary to tell anything in dream or get some sign in dream. Sometime comes in dream or sometimes not.

4: Perform Istikhaar from others.

In istikhaara chapter people makes mistake it necessary to make it right and that is many people perform istikhaara from other rather then himself.and said please do istikhaara for us , like the result come so istikhaara result same come.performing istikhaara fromother is that in old time the no believers do. And for destroy this The Prophet(PBUH) taught companions the prayer and prey of istikhaara. And that is happened because people understand istikhaara like that some news come from istikhaara what to do or not. In old time something was get on writes on arrows same like that now a day’s a istikhaara perform on tasbeh pixels.this is wrong method, and the people now a day’s do istikhaara on tv and radios. Istikhaara is like to get goodness and well from Allah not get news. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has been guided by the fact that istikhaara perform on your behalf, there is no proof of doing it with others, when the Holy Prophet (SAW) was present in the world There was no one else who was better than the Holy Prophet of doing istikhhar, but till today he has not written that a companion has gone from the Holy Prophet and said that you perform istikhaara for me,people do hiself, People think we are sinners, what is our istikhaara, Therefore, instead of doing istikhaara themselves, people go to the elders and scholars or some good people will be blessed, This is the wage of people and this belief is wrong, whose work is to be self-employed, whether it is good or sinful, it is not realizing it to be separated from others, that is also the same as the word ‘ The words of prayer have been used in the words of prayer, therefore, the matter should be done by the person, to do it secretly, not to be humiliated, but also not good and good. The way of ruling is the way that the Prophet (PBUH) That’s Person form for themselves.

5:We are sinful how can we know

How much sin is a human being, the person is only from Allah, and when the servant asks Allah, the answer will surely come, whosoever obeys, ” ادعونی استجب لکم

You beg to me I will give you,So, it is a misconception with this greates Akmighty., that person is such that when the devil is being expelled from heaven, the devil is praying at that time, Satan responded, Allah accepted his prayer, which was accepting the devil’s prayer. Is he not going to accept the prayer of sinful people and whenever a person performs the Sunnah as the Sunnah of the Prophet, then it is not possible that God will not pray, but he will hear and obey, and in Allah’s favor All prayers are heard, yes, it is necessary to avoid sins so that prayer is accepted soon. Unfortunately, there is a feeling of misconception that sinners can not be istikhaara, for two reasons it is void and wrong:

  • The first reason is to avoid sins, in your power, why are they guilty by being Muslims? If the sin is over, the sincere repentance of the heart, the sins are cleansed, he is not more sinner.He included in the category of good people, Allah has purified them  blessings from repentance, now honor the mercy of Allah and the next life Do not sins.
  • The second reason is that Shari’at did not make any condition for istikhaara that the person should not be istikhaaraby a sinful person, no one Waliullah perform istikhaara, and the condition which does not apply the law, why you extend this condition to yourself, It is only permissible that the person who has the right to do istikhaara, whether he is a sinner or a righteous person, does the same as himself, the people say that it is the work of elders to do so, even the elders understand that yes ! It is right to say, it is our duty to do istikhaara, not the work of the people, instead of warning the people, they themselves are involved in error, whoever goes to them is already ready to bring them yes! Your istikhaara will be performed ” and call out “istikhaara” is called istikhaara performer, remember it is a wrong way and it is the duty ourselves to correct it.

                                  6:  Through Istikhaara knows next incident.

Hakim al-Ma’minah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The fact of istikhaara is that if there is any intercession or disintegration of any person, then special prayers are attracted to Allaah, with the determination and commitment of his heart It is good for him understand that, the purpose of istikhaara is to eliminate the threat of doubt and not to know any incident later. Some people make it clear that an incident or future occurrence, or  occurs in the past, but it is not permissible is shariat, but it is not permissible to do any work or not. There is a way to overcome any doubt, Instead, it is not only to remove any doubts or doubts of doing any work or not to know the events, but it is also wrong to believe in the result of such type of an istikhaara. (Impact Al-Aamam)

7: Through istikhaara identify theif or know any task in dream.

It should be noted that in the past, an incident that can ot be seen in the past, cannot be known, as well as the next occurrence of events that cannot be known, and if an istikhaara is considered to be intended for this purpose. He should correct his wrong idea that it is absolutely fwrong belief, for example, if someone is stolen, then it is not good  for us to do istikhaara to know if the address of the thief is found. And some elders who have some kind of istikhaara are acceptable to any person who is seen in a dream, so he is not a istikhaarat, but it is the process of dreaming, then its effect is not necessary, the dream is ever seen. And never, and if dreaming is seen, it is rigid interpretation, although it is apparent that it is clear that the interpretation will be expressed, and it is not sure whether it is so doubtful, so it is incredible to say that these elders The name is istikhaara, this is totally wrong. (Reform Revolution).

8: Istikhaara perform before task

It is not a method of istikhaara that intention should be done now and istikhaara should be done after that.istikhaara should perform before intention. so that the heart becomes peaceful, and people make a lot of mistakes, it is useful for the person. What is empty, or whatever thoughts are full in minds, the heart gets focused and that person is suffering from misunderstanding that it has been revealed by istikhaara.

9:Istikhaara is for Right Ways.

One thing should also be understood that the place of istikhaara is religious, which is permissible to do istikhaara in them,whether the obligations and obligations of Allah have been attributed to them. Similarly,those things which Allah and His Messenger have forbidden , do not even have istikhaara, because a person should do istikhaara and to read the prayers., do not do business, don not not take money, then you will be able to do so. I will not be istikhaara, but these are all prohibited, what should be done in the things which are permissible for those who are entitled to obtaining permissible property, to obtain Hajj and to provide salary for the wages, because it is obligatory to do so. Should I do job or sell business ? Trade should be fabricated or levied? Now there is a need for istikhaara, so if you go for Hajj, do not istikhaara , do istikhaara for whether I go or not.

10:Istikhaara for relations:

Relationship matter is different from ordinary matters, it is not just the work of children, but also the work of parents, parents can only choose the right relationship, it is their responsibility, and think about them as regards for their future relationship. That is why it is better that the boys or girls who have problems of marriage should also recruit themselves and if their parents are alive, they should also do it.

Istikhaara is saving from every difficulty, stress, insurrection

The Hazrat banori R.A writes that

“In the present, the shrine of the Ummah, which is broken down, is unlikely to be seen in its near future, when the path of stability has stopped, now only the path of intelligence is left,

in Hadith Sharif. said,


مَاخَابَ مَنْ اِسْتَخَارَ وَمَا نَدِمَ مَنْ اِسْتَشَارَ․


Translation: Whoever do istikhaara will not have a disadvantage (failure and loser), and whoever gets advises will not be ashamed. It is a rule for the people that if anyone can not be neutral in these bad habits.people will act by istikhaara and hoping that his step will be right after the istikhaara, right means os istikhaara is that when man is united in any order, and see clear way and its knowledge Through guidance no worl, the person who does not work well with his superiority, does not get himself in the mercy of Allah, and pray in favor of the Almighty hope and recognition are made through the ways of the world to guide them, to provide better guidance. (Amen).

10:Self appointed way and interest of istikhaara.

The Muslims of this age have taken many methods of recruitment, which do not have any relation with Masonah, The Prophet of Allah(PBU) taught the method of Istikhaara is truly by the order of Allah. That Allah almighty send this method from his Prophet(PBUH) to his servants. But the slaves believed that after laying it back,they invented many ways.Allah Mighty taught the method of istikhaara to his Prophet(PBUH) the same method Prophet (PBUH) Taught to his companions is like that as a Surah of Quran. But today’s Muslims have taken different ways of their choice than the intention of Allah Almighty, they do not trust the way they say the Messenger of Allaah (PBUH). So they are not all the ways, but there is no pillar There is way to keep down, there is to rotate head, there is no glorification, , none of them can prove to it, but in such ways there is no fear of danger. Do not know how to do it. Allah does not like that the way we left of sunah from Prophet(PBUH).

Due to short time and quick decision another right method of istikhaara.

A detailed method of narratives, which has been explained in detail , is that the Messenger of Allaah (PBUH) said, iin the case of shortage of time and a short decision.” It is permissible for the person, who has been appointed as an short istikhaara, and it is not for good luck to a person to leave istikhaara due to time, then at the time of wudoo reading two rak’at al-Nala’ala, he should pray for the istikhaara. Man has to make such a hurry and quick decision; there is no opportunity to read dua after offer  two rak’ahs, because suddenly there is no time that  offer two rakh’ahs nafal so Prophet(PBUH) give advice,

اَللّٰہُمَّ خِرْ لِیْ وَاخْتَرْ لِیْ․ (کنز العمال)

Oh God! For me, what kind of path you should take, just pray it.

And another advice Of prey gives by Prophet (SAW).

َللّٰہُمَّ اہْدِنِیْ وَسَدِّدْنِیْ․(صحیح مسلم)

O Allah! Give me the right guidance and keep me on the right track.

Like that prey another prey is advised:

َللّٰہُمَ اَلْہِمْنِیْ رُشْدِیْ․ (ترمذی)

Oh Allah! what path is right that put in my heart


If you do not read prayes in Arabic, then read the prayer in urdu, , O Allaah! I have presented this problem, show me the right path. If you do not say from your tongue. Then say to Allaah, “O Allah! This problem has come, you should put the right path on the way you are willing and the one in which will good for me.


Mufti the great Pakistan, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Mohammad Shafi, the entire age of, has been a routine practice that whenever a matter comes to a case which has to make a decision that it has two ways to take one of them, then you have to take a few steps If you are not aware you do not know what it is doing then closed his eyes, and no one knows what is going on, but in fact, they should turn blindly and turn towards Allah for a while. In my heart I would have prayed to Allah, or Allah! It’s a matter of confusion in front of me, I do not understand what to do, you put the thing in my heart that is better for you, and it’s just a little bit istikhaara in heart.

Hazrat Dr Abdul Haifa Arifi  said that if a person approaches Allah before doing all things, then Allah will surely help him, because you do not think that you are within a moment What did you do, in this moment, you joined the relationship with Allah, establishing your relationship with Allah? He asked Allah and asked the right path for him, the result was that one On the other side, you got the right path, and on the other hand, the reward for establishing a relationship with Allah was also rewarded, and it was rewarded for praying too, because Allah likes it very much that the Lord approaches me on such occasions and gives special reward for it, therefore, man should adhere to Allah Almighty, from morning to evening. Do not let many events appear in which a person has to decide whether or not to do this, then ask Allah for a moment, O Allah! Put me in heart the matter what you are want to know to do. (Reformed Sermons)

Istikhaara is one of the most important ways to ask Allah for good and sincerely seeking goodness, so try to keep the original form and soul which has been clearly by the sharah, instead of listening the words or Get guidance from the scholars.

It is prayer that Allah gives all of us in the right way of religion, he practitioner and the creator, making him on the ground, Amin.