The Name of Allah is the right the way of Success.

Asslam u Alikum.

Question: Thanks GOD, the people of GOD got success by the way you provide him through Wazaif of Islam, and My problem is that I always feel anxiety or depression when kids late from school. When guest dropped out side house by me, or the servant talks with other servant than I feel someone makes Conspiracy for me. But I didn’t understand why this is happening with me. But some time before I was not like that. That I feel now .and the second problem is about my daughter’s wedding. This issue is continually not resolve till now, please gives me any Naksh or tawiz or Ayat for solving this problem.  And 25000 thousand time read Darood sharif gift give you to please include in 11 sharif.

Ans: Daughter Aziza God blesses all of you. After offer the pray you should keep reading 125 time     (YA QAWIO) Or (YA SALAMU)   with first and last 11 time Darood Pak. God will make each and every thing good For you. And in your condition we send you Ism e azam Loh  for you your anxiety and depression that will make it nice for your problem.

QNO 02.    Asslam u alikum ,Dear Qari sir , I’m Humerah  and I lived in Chok Azam. My problem is that   My marriage has been 5 years old. But I did not have any birth yet. In the first year of the first half of the year, I was pregnant, but it was deteriorated, and then there was no pregnancy. Please pray for me in spiritual gambling. And please give me spiritual treatment, I shall thankful to you.

ANS: Dear daughter Its my pray for you by GOD you always fulfill your house with Good children’s,

You should read and make pray YA KRAIMU, YA SALAMU,YA WARISU after offer the pray  with first and last darood pak 9 sending you by your wish the treatment for your problem.

Qno 03: Asslam u Alikum Qari sir.

Dear qari sir I was trying to contact you but I have didn’t dare to contact you. My problem is that my husband didn’t respect and, he understands me like a bad or second type wife. He didn’t believe me, he always makes doubt about me.  We have 4 childs. But he always beat me badly in the front of my childs. My childs always didn’t realize the love of his father. Dear Qari sir now I didn’t bear his uncountless oppression. he is extra ordinary mad person . he cannot be control by us. Please give me Tawez or wazaif  for this issue I want to control this  condition .

Ans: Respected Sister its my pray for you GOD will give rewards of your patience  and you should read  YA AZIZU after offer the pray  and recite surat yaseen   at most INSHALLAH you will get your solution. And I sending you LOh .





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