Manpasand Shadi

When you love someone, only love for Allah and marry on a Right way.

If you love someone and that she also loves you. Do not sin. If you both want to marry each other. Follow the appropriate steps according to Islam. Please contact both of you parents through your parents and try to agree between parents. You talk to them very well and cool and do not try to explain them as emotionally. If you Understanding your parents emotionally it will increase your hatred in the hearts of your parents. If you cannot do this, you can contact your elder brother or sister who can talk  about this issue with your parents. Never try to hide anything from them. Always speak the truth from the beginning.

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Love is followed by Islam:

Islam does not forbid anyone to love anyone. Love is a passion which is created by Allah Almighty. You can love someone and you can also marry her. But the devil wants to commit sin in your love relationship, and devil waits for the opportunity to sin, so both lovers have to be very cautious .If you love someone, then you can contact your parents, because parents usually do arrangements for marriage.

Allah says that chapter 5 in Quran Surat al-Ma’alah:

Today, all these things are good and pure, which are halal to you. The food of the people of the book is halal for you and you are halal to them. (Permissible for you in marriage) Only pure caste women are believers but pure women in books of people before your time when you give them and wish to be humble, angry and humble secrecy. If someone refuses to believe, then it is his work and in the Hereafter, he will among the losers.

Allah Almighty said in verses 17, Surah Al Islam and verse #32:

It is a very unwanted thing to go near Adultery (Adult) and is very bad!

Allah says that in Sura 30, Surat al-Roma verse # 21:

And signs near him are that he created companions among you so that you may be comfortable with them. And he has shown love and mercy among your hearts. Of course there are signs that are enough.


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