Man Pasand Shadi

When you love someone, only love for Allah and marry on a lawful way

How to perform this procedure?

manpasand shadi
This Picture is Show girl and boy perform love marriage

If you love someone and that too loves you.You should not sin by doing wrong. If you both are pleased to live together and want to get married. Islam is the way to get married. Girl and boy agree to your parents so that both parents can sit together and easily solve all the problems. Sit with your parents and talk to a cool mood when you are in a happy mood if you want to make your parents happy to hear your love story in a tale.

Then your problem can be solve with out problems. Do not to communicate with your parents in an emotional way, your parents hate this  kind of talk. If your parents do not listen to you then talk to your elder brother or elder sister who can talk to you about their parents. Always speak the truth and do not try to hide anything from them and start the conversation with truth so that you are weighted and your problems can be solved. Satan is an open enemy of human beings, he also wants to change the sacred relationship like love in sin.But you do not know the devil’s intention and plead your parents so that your intentions may be marriages.

Now the biggest question is that the marriage of love in Islam is valid?

Islam not Prohibited  the boy and the girl could marry each other. Love is a sacred relationship. But the devil keeps track of your love relationship and keeps trying to commit sin. But you have to seek shelter from Allah to protect the devil .

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