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Istikhaarah virtues and problems


If we want to know about Our Good Wishes from God this is Called Istikhaara.

The Reality of Istikhaara :

Offer Two rakaat pray and get specific pray from Allah and get Good wishes and result from Allah  and get good results  or  get help to from Allah to make difference from two situation and select one good and leave another  is the reality of Istikhaara.

Virtue of Istikhaara:

We can make estimate of The virtue of Istikhaara is that through this people ask question from their GOD to get help to solve his problem. And want get good wishes from GOD.

Syedna Saad bin aabi waqas to say that NABI SAW said that it’s a pleasure and good luck for human It is a sign of happiness to be confidential. If we didn’t make istikhaar it’s a sign of bad luck of human.

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The Importance of Istikhaara :

The Prophet (SAW) used to interact the companion and also taught them. His abilities have been taught by the virtues and words that you have taught to the companion. The Prophet (SAW) taught us to instruct us as if the Quran used to recite the verses of the Quran. It is clear to the statement that the companion has praised the teachings of Istikhaara from recitation of  Holy Quran. If any person wants good wishes from Allah and get suggestion from Peoples and makes preservance in their work he never face embracement. Many Hadiths argue that man always maintains respect to God, seeking good and good from his Lord in every matter, and every worker, Lord, asks for success from the real success. Allah never misses his deeds, and his wealth bless him with wealth and wealth. The attributes of believers are also: Whenever any problem comes to him, he advises his sincerely honest brothers, and gives him the best advice with sincerity and sincerity. After that, he asks his Lord for good, then his deeds are slow and he sees goodness on every side.

 Wisdome of Istikhaara

There is no doubt, the biggest wisdom of man to be connected to his Lord at all times and to be happy with every work and every good work of God. For further explanation, the wisdom of Istikhaara can be described below.

Bolognese with GOD

God created human, blessed him great blessings. It makes sense that the Lord loves his creature very much. And God wants the Humans to be connected with their GOD all the time. And keep in touch with it in different ways. Istikhaara is a great comment on this relationship.


Istikhaara where there is a source of good wishes for Muslims. And There is also a lesson for Tawheed and Wahdat. It can assume that every Muslim can estimate the problem of suffering and improving goodness and only the right have GOD. Who created humans, protect them. Honored with great blessings, none of the creatures have got enough strength and courage.

Tawakul.(Believe or Trust)

Istikhaara is the Believe or Trust on God. Muslims believe strongly if God wants to benefit from it, no one can stop this goodness. If he wants to destroy you no one can save you.

The end of the rhetoric:( Rasam jaahliat ka khatma.)

In the past, people used to do the following words on the tire by doing verbs. My Lord has ordered me. Or my Lord has forbidden me to write, And makes decisions by trust this formality in various tasks.

But by the time of Islam, all this ritual ended And they were developed for the needs of the people by istikhaara. Due to bad deeds, 2 rak’at prayer and pray started a beautiful process. Anyone who asks God, and advises the creature and stays firmly in his work, he never has to face embarrassment.

Achieve Benefit  and breakdown error

The wisdom of istikhaara is that people finds benefits for their purpose and breakdown errors. this is also the main purpose of Islam and its spirit.