Your home problems and psychological problems and solutions

Question: In isolation, while sleeping, I feel as if someone is badly pressing me. Sometimes my breath starts to stop. According to the doctors, I am physically fine. I do not even have any complaint. Tell me a spiritual solution. Your home problems and psychological problems and solutions.

Answer:  You have effects of “Asaib”. Read “Ya Hafeezu” much more times. Loh ism e zat is being sent to you.

Question: My stomach is not working for eight years. Tell me a solution.

Answer: Read “Ya Wajidu” much more times. We are sending you the Loh.

Question:  Whenever I did something for someone he cheated me. Married a helpless girl thinking that she did not have any support. But four years later, after taking 2 children, she took divorce and made me poor. I think you do for people for some interest. You may be angry for my letter. I am living without a goal. I do not have any pleasure. Why is it so? Your home problems and psychological problems and solutions.

Answer: Your letter does not seem to be invalid. I do this all for my own interest that I may help my brothers and sisters who are in problems, in this way I get spiritual inertia. I am satisfied that people are reading my told Allah’s name or Qurani verse. In this way Allah will forgive me. Did you notice that what you did for the creation of Allah purely? You do all the matters thinking that you are doing to fulfill the command of Allah and to please Allah almighty. INSHALLAH, your mental condition will become positive. Your home problems and psychological problems and solutions.

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Question: My aunt took my relationship after very requests. My mangni was done by the liking of the son of my aunty. But by the excuse of a minor thing, my aunty ended the relationship. And the worst thing was that one who loved me was transformed like he knows nothing. Now he says that mother’s decision will be final. For God sake tell me its solution. Your home problems and psychological problems and solutions.

Answer: Thank God that you have been saved from a big problem. Allah will grant better reward than that. Read “Ya Azizu” 313 times after Isha prayer. Loh e Zohra is being sent to you. Your home problems and psychological problems and solutions.

Question: I got treatment from you for “Asaibi Saya”. Now it is much better. I have to ask that should I continue the treatment or stop it now.

Answer: Continue it until you get complete health.


Question: You gave me a wazifa for a marriage of my daughter. Now my daughter has been married. She is very happy by the grace of Allah Almighty. I am very thankful to you for this success.

Answer: May Allah bless you. Keep praying for me.

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Question: With the blessing of the Taweez you gave to me my son has settled in Canada. Now what to do with the taweez?

Answer:  Keep this taweez safe in your custody. INSHALLAH you will get blessing of Allah almighty. Keep praying for me.

Question: My sister has a strange issue. Whenever she sleeps some thing moves her thumb of the feet and wake her up. Tell me what is the problem.

Answer: Get her checked with some lady doctor. It is the problem of menses. Reduce misala in the food. Read 151 times “Ya Hafeezu Ya Qaimu” after every prayer and blow on her. Loh is being sent.

Question: My wife was passed away during the birth of the child. The incident has passed for a period of two years. But I could not forget her. This was the last words before going to the operation theater. “I will miss you”. These words echo in my ears all the time. Tell me a solution so that I get normal. Your home problems and psychological problems and solutions.

Answer: May Allah give you patience. Now, whenever you think that you are listening to the words. Read “Ya Maneeu Ya Raqeebu” 9 times. INSHALLAH you will get normal.


Question: There is a strange problem with my husband that he suffers some illness one after other. Being a very good management officer, we have many medical facilities. We also got treatment from abroad but with no benefit. Doctors simply say he lacks the power of resistance. Tell some spiritual treatment. Your home problems and psychological problems and solutions.

Answer:  Your husband is suffering from black magic due to some jealous person. That is why his health is not well. Recite Aital Kursi 313 times then blow on water. Then let your husband use this water. INSHALLAH black magic will remove in 90 days.

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Question: Our daughter was M.A English. We made our daughter married to the deceased brother to make peace in a murder case. My daughter was so fierce that she said only one phrase “do not kill me”. Then she did not say anything and she got married. When a baby born, they snatched the baby and kicked her out on a minor dispute. My daughter was in Rahim Yar Khan. A God-feared relative brought her to us. We were so sad seeing our daughter in the problem. Daughter just said one thing “Ammi do not kill me”. Then she was silent and does not speak anything. Tell us some readings so that she may speak to us and becomes normal.

Answer: It happens when facts are neglected. Change the atmosphere and try that she may get a friend. So that her heart’s load is light. It is better if she does the job in a school. For spiritual treatment read “Ya Subuh ul Qudoos” 299 times after Isha and blow on your daughter. Your home problems and psychological problems and solutions.

Question: A strange problem with me is that I feel as if my energy is reduced. No work is done. Although I was the most hardworking and working person in my siblings. But now I get tired of two steps. All medical reports are absolutely normal. Suggest a spiritual solution.

Answer: You are suffering from effects of evil eye. Take 5 red peppers scroll around your head and then burn these peppers. Recite “Ya Hayu Ya Qayum” much more times. Loh is being sent to you.

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Question:  I am divorced with two children with me. I broke the heat of many lovers. Although one swore to marry me and he got me met his family. But I refused to get married. And the married  man who was at least less than me regarding the caste, community, education, and family. And that person gave me the gift of two children, stealing my jewelry, giving me a divorce and left this country. Now I do not know what to do. Is this result of my deeds. I do not get calm anywhere.

Answer: Read “Sorah E Quresh” 13 times after every prayer and then pray. I am sending you the Loh.

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  • Question: My daughter is 28 years old. She does not get married. Tell me something that my daughter should get married as soon as possible.

Answer:  Recite “Sorah E Kosar” 13 times after every prayer and then pray. INSHALLAH she will get married. Loh e zohra is being sent.

Question: We loved very much our alone son. Approximately two years ago he started linking a girl. But they refused by making the excuse of caste. We requested very much but they did not agree, my son discouraged so much that he left the home. And disappeared. Tell me something that my son would come back.

Answer: May Allah give you courage and patience. Read the “Ya Jameeu” with the imagination of your son. Read it 90 days and INSHALLAH you will get your son back. Loh is being sent.

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  • 12th February 2018 at 4:48 pm

    Meri shadi boht muhkil say bandish ka ilaj karwa kar hui 7 saal nikah kay baad rukhsati hui phir bemaar hi rhi 3 miscarriage huay. Har waqt larai jhagra rahta.ruhani ilaj say allah nay beta dia phir 2 betian hui laikin mian aram nai huay.mujhay pata chala kai dewrani un par shuru say nazar rkhti thi uus nay jadu say ye sab kia wo in ki neighbor thi shadi say pahlay.mai nay kul prhnay shuru kr diay jab parhti hu uus din mian khush rhtay phir badkalami ghusa aany lagta.ab to lagta hai us nay hmaray darmiyan sex ki bandish krwa di hai.mian separate room may akelay sonay lag gaye hain.apnay kids say boht pyar krtay hain but kabi un say nafrat krnay lag jaatay hain.2 weeks say mera face old n kaala kaala hota ja rha hai.please koi hal bta dain kai sab bandish n jadu permanent toot jaye.jab bi mera koi kid honay wala hota hai wo bandish krwa daiti hai date aa jati hai but delivery nai hoti meri jaan ko har baar n kid ko khatra ho jata hai magar har baar allah bacha laita hai mai kul aksar parhti hu but ab kuch parhnay lagu koshish kay bawjood so jati hu sar jakra rhta hai agla hissa khaas tore par.

    • 7th April 2018 at 1:05 pm

      Allah Ka Nam یاقھار Perha 1100 martaba suba and sham


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