Economically condition is very poor Audience Question


Economically condition is very poor.

Question : Dear mufti sir Asslam u alikum

I am to much worried I felt that I have made to much big mistake that’s  why I am facing that kind of problem because lack of money im depressed and I cannot afford my Childs little bit wishes , I have younger  kids . I was listen bout you by my friend . please its an request to give me  some favor because I want to to run my business in good condition and wanna to make my economically condition good.  We will pray for you.    (Nadeem QURESHI Gujranwala)

Answer : Dear son please make call to me and then tell me all your problem in detail we will note it. God solve your problems and INSHALLAH each and everything will be fine and your home condition will fulfill with happiness.

Question : My brother Got Government Job.

Dear Respected Qari Sir. Asslam u Alikum.

Question : GOD bless his countless showers on your guides our brother got Government. This job issue was not solve through many years but through your guides and wazaif he got an Government job within 2 months. We all family members are very thankful to you.

(from: Tranum naz  Sialkot)

Answer : Dear child you should thankful to Allah and all Family members should punctually offers pray. And make your life that’s the way AP SAW tells us. INSHALLAH no problem will come close to your family. And please in next Thursday you should distribute some food in poor’s.

Question : Dear respected Mufti/Qari SIR  I am very much thankful to you because I have won the Prize bond . Because you give me advice about pray that’s why I got an prize bond win . me and my family want to contribute to some money as a gift to you but we listen you didn’t accept any money from anyone.  (From Salim akhter Laiyah)

Answer :  dear child , I blessed so much by the God and Allah pak gives me to much for my survival. You have believed on Allah pak Kalam and recites the wazaif . that’s the result you got by this wazaif and kalam. My respected Olders gives me this wazaif and kalam that I give you so you got fulfill your wish by GOD. Please you pray for my parents and for me and the gift you wanna to give me please distribute in poor’s and you should punctually offer the pray.



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