Ceremonies of Istikhaara – Manners of pray – Purification(Tahaarat)

                                                  Ceremonies of Istikhaara


Explicit and Intuitive Purification Be arranged. Keep your clothes body and environment clean; Try to stay away from the pollution of sins.

  •  Intention (Niyat):
  • Istikhara is a worship, worshiper should keep in mind.
  •  Wonderful attention (Kamal tawaja)

Whether he or she is feeling good and happy with his Lord, it should be realized what he want to his God in good deeds. Therefore, you must be fully informed and focused on istkhaara.

 Left Bad habits:

If he is guilty of any sin, then he should leave it without sacrificing. Repenting Allah, inform you about the matter. And perform istkhaara about his problem.

 Manners of pray

In front of the common nature of the prayer, pray praises to Allah, and glorify God and the beginning recite darood e pak on Prophet SAW. Please recite the darood e pak of Nimaz that is Darood e Ibrahimi.

Lawful provision

Lawful pray has one of the respect manners is provision should fair. No worship and prayer are accepted from the hadeeth which goes to the human belly; The Istikhaara will not prove to be beneficial.

Strong Believe:

It must be certain that God will make a better decision for this, because of Istikhaara. And this work will be beneficial for his in this world and in the Hereafter.

Order of Istikhaara:

Some scholars have called the Istikhaara as a statue and some have said it valid. Syedna Jabir narrates that Hazoor SAW said, “If any one of you have any problem,then he should perform Istikhaara . it clear by Muhammad SAW that Istikhaara is not Necessary but Depends On Person itself that he/she can perform or not. It is a matter of fact that Istikhaara  is due to be the reason of connecting of  God.

Before Istikhaara:

Before performing the istikhaara the mind of person should neat and clean.dont think any type of activity in your mind just focus on Istikhaara and just get goodness from GOD. And make your request with your Lord with full sincerity, surely Allah will fulfill His purpose.




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