Family Problems and Solutions

Family Problems and Solutions. Family problems overcome problems with parents, sons and daughters, relatives, in-Laws, and other close and loved ones. In this way, usually family problems are facing, but also wide. Moreover our completely and modern star EXPERT SM RIZVI is well considered about global discrimination and ability to provide solution about all family related issues.

  • Location or bad influences of any of the naturally malefic planets (Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun, and Ketu) in the following houses of the natal chart of any spouse — Seventh house, Forth house, Second house, Third house, Tenth house, Twelfth house, Fifth house, and Eleventh house.
  • Ill placements of the lords of these houses in the horoscope. For example, placement of the lord of the seventh house in any of the houses of 11th, 3rd, 5th, 9th, or 8th, is unfavorable to peace and happiness in marital life.
  • Weak status of benefic planets (Venus, Jupiter, Moon, and Mercury) due to adverse locations or wicked influences of malefic planets, under the stationery and/or transitory conditions.


Family Problems and Solutions

Family Problems and Solutions. After observing and analyzing and analyzing the comprehensive and insight of all other factors, specialists of our past specialists provide a wide range of family problems with solutions for individual wives or families around the world. Also solution uses proper gemstones, astrological orphans (such as their sympathetic diabetes), and many other measures and activities.

  • Constant conflict and disorder between husband and wife
  • Regarding strong arguments and highlights between family members
  • Children out of discipline
  • Separation or divorce is increasing
  • Case of alcohol or drug related to drug or drug
  • Glossary or Highlights due to malicious parents
  • Issues and constraints given by most affected parents
  • Example of abusive parents
  • Unusual matters
  • Problems involved in a parent’s reminder
  • Relations with relatives and other nearby people

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