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Introduction of Astrologer, black magic specialist and expert in spiritual treatment.

SM RIZVI EXPERT the pride of Lahore Pakistan due their best services. Who make his reputable name in the name of Astrology, Amliat, Spiritual treatment and Black magic expert services


SM RIZVI by profession is an Astrologer and Palm reader. He got knowledge and experience in Palmistry and Astrology. he has got in depth expertise in Vedic astrology.

According to her Astrology is a serious education and a responsible profession and only an educated professional can guide about it.

Astrology is the reading of planets how they effect in one’s life. To do astrology reading I would need to know date of birth of the person and if they know time of birth it’s excellent to make a proper kindly and the place of birth.

Precious stones have been used because the ancient era is necessary to reduce the harmful effects of the planet and to improve the effects of good and constructive powers or planets. Gemstones specific circulation is known for absorbing radiation, and thus protects the population of potentially related to health, financial, family, business / profession, social status, etc. There are the effects or consequences of different precious stones; and precious stones not only affect the thoughts and actions of their people but also the whole body of the masses. Therefore, before making a person’s semen, advice to leading liver and adolescents can be advised to avoid the effects of precious effects.

black magic specialist
This Infographic is about black magic specialist

Our specialist ASTROLOGER recommends wearing a precious stone after a complete and careful observation of every customer’s birth organizational chart about the overall SM RIZVI approval. The observation and analysis during the analysis is considered as a place of space in the chart, the transmission of the planet, good and bad effects of the planet, yoga astronomers, etc. Precious or beneficial, it provides advice on the best time to wear the suggested fireplace offered on the specific finger, the most suitable metal for the pistol ring, and clean and promote and promote the ring and ring set before wearing a precious stone will be executed well.

Many precious creatures associated with planets and wires always linked to faith and relationships in the context of heavenly and earthly bodies. Darkness follows the sky and it has more than human interests associated with earthquake during its influence. The cultures of all the continents have described their own name “heavenly episode” and closely connect with the image of cosmic views on how the world works. Practical reasons followed them with the heavenly and divine efforts of the stars and conquered their rule in favor of them.

Precious stones are not just one ornament, attention. With the help of a person to overcome various health issues and everyday life problems. For most people this is just a dead problem; but nothing but many of those who believe that rocks have a lot of energy potential, many healing but doctors – especially Overseas – using precious stones in many of their problems. Patients as complementary therapy.

Here we offer you a complete accuracy of geographic gastronomy to bring you a surgical SM RIZVI. After serving the world for the last several years of success, SM RIZVI has used scientific stones in a variety of ways in detail he has a great knowledge.

Regarding being the most prominent and best astrology in Lahore, our astrologer (SM RIZVI) has offered exceptional astrology solutions. Its astrology solution is offered fast-effective charges, which occur in all kinds of problems and almost all life fields in the life.

Now he is expert to solve problems by stars and other fields and other services to solve other fields. Similarly. To safeguards and the best astrological services of our globally celebrated geography, interested people need to meet only their birth chart and full name. We provide the best solution to any particular issue, it can be included in data calculations and palm excavation. So far, many people, companies, firms, and organizations from all over the world and abroad have regained the great benefits of their immune solutions. Solutions are provided in Astro stones, astrology and many other effective treatments and tips.

Amil Baba Online
Amil Baba Online

Astrology Services (Lahore)


Exquisite and reasonably-charged astrology solutions of our worldwide famous astrologer in Lahore to solve the following varieties of problems, The affluent and elusive gamut of astrology counseling and services by SM RIZVI covers the following spheres and problems of life.



Astrology services
Astrology services
  • Health troubles and diseases
  • Objections and hindrances associated with romance and love
  • Obstacles or astrological dissimilarities delaying of disrupting the arranged marriages, love marriages, or the inter-caste marriages
  • social disapprovals to love affairs, love marriage, or inter-caste marriage
  • Recession in professional career
  • Risks and uncertainties related with business ventures and investments
  • Discrepancies and discord between husband and wife or between lovers
  • Growing chances of unwanted separation, divorce, extramarital affairs, or breakup in love
  • Mystic financial fluctuations and eccentricity
  • Relations with kith and kin, employer, business partners, neighbors, etc.
  • different problems and issues related with other fields of life
  • problems related with children
  • Health problems and diseases
  • Various problems, conflicts, and obstacles related with the married life
  • problems related with romance and love
  • Objections, astrological dissimilarities, and obstacles related with arranged marriages, love marriages, and the inter-caste marriages
  • Recessions and problems in business and professional life
  • Career selection and growth
  • Understanding and compatibility problems between lovers or spouses
  • Business ventures and investments
  • Fluctuating and uncanny financial situations
  • Meditation and natural health therapies
  • Psychic healing and aura enhancement
  • Tours and travels
  • Cases like separation, divorce, extramarital affairs
  • Getting back the lost love
  • Relations with kith and kin, employer, relatives, business alliances, etc.
  • And, problems and issues related with many other fields of life.



Spiritual expert & Astrologist

Love Marriage Man Pasand Shadi istikhara Online: 1400 years ago is the world’s largest religions and history of Quran. Since then a word has changed in the book. God saved him at all costs, to the end of the time. Despite becoming a Muslim, and brought to a religious environment, SM Rizvi has become a leading and reasonable spiritual leader, who serves throughout the country and millions of millions of millions of Muslims. SM RIZVI Introduction is not bound to a circle or rhyme. The experience, ability and extensive knowledge of spiritual healing legs make them the most widely used widespread scholars serving in the community in Pakistan.

Muslim scholars have explained istikhara to seek God’s goodness and desires. This means that whenever a major task is expected, they start before starting and planning it. In fact, it says, “O my Lord, neutral, guides me that it is better for me and is suitable for me or not?”

Spiritual Treatment:

Spiritually cure free online spiritual treatment is the most important for those who face disease, without any treatment or treatment of medical science, such as depression, kidney failure, asthma, mental disorders, disabilities, arthritis , Menstruation, malnutrition, domestic violence, other family problems, pregnancy issues, financial issues, unemployment, business loss, internal health problems (men & women), stones, fibers, cancer, vaginal diabetes, Piles, heart problems, evil spirits, madness, black magic etc. Allah has created a treatment for every disease. The medicine will work only when it is God’s will. If it is not God’s will that a person should be better, then no medicine in the world will heal the person. For Muslims, disease is a great blessing and reward from Allah. But in this disease we have a great trial for us.

Free online rohani ilaj:


SM RIZVI is the world’s most famous experience person. Who is providing services to fesabeli lillah, Rohani Treatment is the best part of service. All types of people who face problems can contact SM RIZVI free online. We should be patient and happy, whatever God has written for us. We should never be unhappy and whatever we can later regret. Allah forbids that we should begin to say that “, Am I the only person Allah could find to make ill?”I will curse unfortunately” and words related to their effects. With such words, believers lose their faith on Allah. If you have anybody (save from black magic / magic spells) Your peace mix and amusement, happiness, family or business or people are sensitive to your prosperity, some of you or your family maybe some time You may have problems or issues like problem, engagement issues, marriage issues, family issues, business issues, child problems etc. Or you are already capturing in any fraudulent hands, you can call me without any hesitation or stress. You can contact us and Insha’Allah; we will try our best to resolve your post with Free Online spiritual treatment.


Free Online Spiritual treatment for black magic

Black magic is one of the current power rituals and black magic treatment is the most important factor. Experts and black magic spell expert makes the most of the people fool, who are  be painful by the effects of black magic, which can sometimes harm death and other incredible person. After the advent of Islam, one of the best possible black magic therapies of spiritual treatment is there. There are proven records that indicate that black magic all the time tried to destroy the life of humans on this earth, the power to fight successfully against this power is spiritual Treatment.

If you are victim of black spells, and does not worry about the treatment of black magic spells, then Islam is a religion which is a solution and treats every possible problem.

Free online spiritual treatment is the right place for you, where you will be guided by step and you will be provided awareness of black magic spells. You can contact us (Contact with SM RIZVI) and Insha’Allah; we will try our best to resolve your problem with Free Online spiritual treatment.

love marriage specialist

Best Services in Pakistan & World Wide

Expert SM RIZVI had been renowned for providing solutions to people with problems. Solving problems for love marriage, family problems, black magic, neighbors brought an urge of public service to SM RIZVI. SM RIZVI has been looking in to the problems and issues general public in Pakistan UK and other countries brings up to their Astrologist service online. Not only looking in to the problem, helps the public, the astrologist provides a solution that is related to the problem and is in accordance to the Islamic Teachings by Istikhara online. A very long journey of helping and serving brought SM RIZVI to level of qualified Astrologist.

Love Marriage Man Pasand Shadi istikhara Online

The world has no doubt changed from what it was before to a place which is troubled for almost every one. Modern world gives rise to problems, one way or the other. Such as, employment issues,, shortage of income, relationship problems magic, Demonic spirits, black magic, exorcism, Disease, parental or spouse disobedience, pregnancy problems, business issues, property rental sale purchase problems Love Marriage Man Pasand Shadi istikhara Online and much more. The problems in the world are never ending.
Solutions provided by Expert SM RIZVI are in the light of Islam and Quran. The holy Quran holds the solution of every problem present in the world till the end of times. SM RIZVI feels great pride in helping People around the World with their issues by Istikhara Online. Having the ability of spreading out Allah’s word for the sake of betterment of Allah’s creature, SM RIZVI is no more than one of Allah’s servant trying to do the best for HIM and HIS creatures?

Pakistan is abundant with experts, nobles, astrologists, peers, magicians who would not hesitate to turn your life upside down within a second by demanding a sum of money that not everyone can afford. First of all the knowledge that is provided to someone is a blessing from Almighty Allah and the starvation for the knowledge shown by HIS creatures, actually helps him achieve it. SM RIZVI unlike other phony, shame artists out there is very rich in education of Stars, astrology and the ways of Islamic teachings, this is the only reason why SM RIZVI  has achieved this level of success in Pakistan. One thing that stands SM RIZVI apart from the other shams is the intention which is what counts. As mentioned in Quran, “Actions are judged by intentions.” So One and Only thing that matters behind every deed is the intentions.


Bring back you’re lost BY spell. These love spells could do wonders for you on whom you are trying it. This may hopeful create a positive energy and not any type of negative energy. When you cast this effective love spells to get your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend back you may be able to communicate with your wish and you must request directly to the spiritual powers that have influence over your relationship. This love spell may help you to heal your hurt feelings and help you in refreshing your love life and feelings. Love spells may hopefully bring your ex back easily without harming. Expert Sm rizvi gives services and istikhara online in Love Marriage Man Pasand Shadi istikhara online by Quran wazifa to get your love back wazifa for husband love wazifa for love spiritual treatment.

Online Business solution:

Online business insists you to take wise decisions. If you take smart and intelligent decision then your future becomes like shining star. If you are not capable to take wise decision then you will fail in your life. If you are suffering in that type of problems so you should consult with business astrologer who will guide you to take best way of decisions and give complete help to overcome this issue.

Solve Career problems through Expert SM RIZVI

The Expert SM Rizvi helps you solve all the problems in your life. If you have difficulties in your birth life and are worried about solving black magic to solve the problem, SM RIZVI is the best approach because nobody can see the experience like us. He also showed that black magic is better than white magic because magic can only solve only one small problem from your life, but black magic can solve your biggest problem, as well as ink A little while is also taken in execution. There is a power on black magic that is worn with you and quickly controls them.

Career astrology is very dependent on the movement of stars, planets, sun and moon at the right time of the birth of the person who decides your future with good and bad events. A successful astrologer helps you take professional and specialist decisions about your career. At the present time the competition is at its higher and everybody is running to touch a higher point and sometimes because of stress they lose their human values. It is true that after high quality, everyone wants to get a good job, which will feel this person at a higher or stable position. But sometimes we have lost ourselves. For example, if you are not suitable for the field, but have entered that field, you may lose career. But this is not your fault because you do not know where you will go but you will try your best to succeed in this field. The problem of carrier is the ground solution. The Astrologer can help you to determine which field you will do and what you will achieve like higher position through your Job.


All Religions Are Welcome, Because First We Are All Humans, 

Millions Of Peoples Are Satisfied.
We Offer & Specialist In All Problems:
love Marriage, (Man Pasand Shadi)
Husband & Wife Dispute, (Husband And Wife Problem Solution)
Love Problem Solution, (Payar Ma Nakami)
Visa Problems, (Visa Ki Parashani)
Get Your Love Back, (Mehboob Ko Wapis Lana)
Luck Draw Lotto, (Inami Chance)
Enemy Problem, (Dushman Sa Nijat Hasil Karna)
Study Abroad, (Parhai Main Parashani)
Childless Womens, Not Birth Of Child, (Beoladi, Olad Ka Na Hona Ya Ho Kar Mar Jana)

Contact with us and get solution ONLINE.
Trustful Name In The World Of Astrology SM RIZVI

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